The claim settlement service is run by the Assirecre Group through the development of dedicated Web portals highly customised for the needs of the customer. The platforms created represent a unique element in the national offering of liability claims management services.

The specific know-how developed and the good-practices acquired over many years and many experiences of managing claims have led to continuous developments and implementations of the system, which has allowed it to reached a level of complete service and performance.

Certified reliability

The management system at the base of the portals makes use of complete and certified reliability both from a technical point of view, in terms of usability of the service, as well as from the point of view of completion of all the functions, procedures and services provided as part of claims management.

Functional characteristics

The web platforms are managed by a workflow that coordinates the entire process: a well-defined sequence of activities, controlled by an alerting process that notifies the liquidator of the imminent expiration of his activities.

The application allows the sharing of information between the actors involved, ensuring the synchronised management of activities. The system also makes use of Electronic Documentation Management, a system capable of recording the incoming and outgoing documentation related to each claim, collecting information in an electronic file searchable by users via secure Web access.

Technical features

The platform used is a next-generation Web 2.0 application, fully integrated and accessible from any terminal or device that allows – as occurred in recent years – a real reduction of the use of paper documents and mailed materials through the centralisation of information, also ensuring the historicity of these elements regarding the damages. The availability of the main technological tools and services, such as Web Services, data flows and queues, ensure the complete interfacing with external systems.

The system is designed to manage the full claims process: the following diagram summarises the main features offered by the system.



Easy access: all management functions are accessible via a web browser from any desktop or mobile device.

  • Secrecy/confidentiality of data: all transmitted information is protected via 128-bit SSL v3 encryption.
  • Data integrity: the information exchanged is impossible to alter thanks to end-to-end encryption.
  • Authentication of the origin of the data: each user who accesses the service is uniquely identified by the system to authenticate the origin of the messages and allowing these messages not to be denied.
  • Multilingual: the portals created are available in a multilingual Italian/English version, and allow users to set their preferred language.
  • Completeness of information: each stage of the life cycle of a practice has been carefully constructed to ensure the collection and management of all information necessary for the management of claims, as well as information useful to enrich the wealth of information related to the oversight of the more general trend of risk trends.
  • Extensibility of functions: the platforms are created using a modular-type development, which provides for the integration of new functionalities through plugins developed later.

The following shows the operating architecture model of a typical portal: