portali-web-imageAssirecre Group operates in a market that is highly competitive and open to processes of innovation: it is therefore always at the forefront of the development of Web portals in the Health Field thanks to a highly specialised internal development team.

For Members

A greater usefulness for users requires the goal of integrated and transparent management through the user’s active involvement in the process of defining practices.

The user has the option to submit, in real time, new requests, integrated documentation, to track the progress of their still open or defined positions, to check the reservation/authorisation of the agreed-upon services provided and a host of other features provided by the company.

For Healthcare providers

The new services dedicated to health care providers are given in order to facilitate interactive communication as much as possible in order to facilitate the communication of data and the reduction of the processing times of the practices.

These services are provided free of charge.

Improving the ease of the consultation of nomenclators/tariffs is intended to strengthen the loyalty of suppliers, for which the service has provided them in terms of savings in administrative costs: this is an important device for the containment of health care costs in the agreement.

The typical features of the Web portal for clients