The range of services and tools that Assirecre Group makes available to its customers and patients thanks to the expertise of its specialized staff is the result of over twenty years of experience in after-sales services in the Health Department and the non-life business of claims management.

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Certainty in the velocity in the management of the refund procedure (including via the Internet), efficiency and economy: these are the advantages of entrusting Assirecre with management of refunds to its policyholders or assisted parties, possible advantages through continuous process optimization, the use of proprietary software unique in the market and the professionalism of operators.

Assirete creates and manages agreements with health services providers: it has agreements with all the best Italian facilities: 244 nursing homes and hospitals, 1097 specialized diagnostic centres, 1,937 surgeries, outpatient clinics and dental centres operated by 2651 affiliated dentists. The Network provides the balance between choice for patients with the need for correct economic balance of Companies and Funds. It also manages the dental care network and shelter facilities around the world.

Assirecre Group is able to support at the best level (including international classifications such as ICD9 – CM) insurance companies, funds, reinsurers and brokers in establishing rates and in anticipating the final performance of the current coverage. (estimated IBNR).

Everything regarding health must be treated with the utmost speed, foresight and professionalism and quick and guaranteed response, courtesy and staff training, monitoring and options for call playback, medical advice through a team of specialists: Assirecre way of operation materializes in specific SLA (Service Level agreements) which are specified in the contract signed with the client.

Experience teaches us that different types of assisted or insured people have different requirements even in terms of health facilities to access through the Direct Assistance service, and treatment – and consequently, claim – costs vary depending on the facilities types and operators working in each specific territorial area. Assirecre Consulting is able to help customers to “customize” their Network even according to planned expenditure budgets.

There are various – more or less effective – ways to make an agreement with health services providers and then to control any deviations from the expected costs. Different methods normally lead to different final financial results, so as to make it illusory or neutral to get the desired economic benefit after adopting the “Direct Assistance” procedure. Thanks to quantity/quality methodologies tested over the years, Assirecre can express for clients feedback on the effectiveness of the health care network they are using.

In 2012 MUTUARETE was founded with the aim of providing to its members non-profit supplementary assistance services also through direct and indirect forms of agreement with health facilities.

Thanks to the specialized team of professionals, the management certificate process, ongoing reservation procedures and the web portal for the specific management, Assigesco provides a comprehensive level of services and functions in the management of these special type of claims often characterized by technical complexity and high cost.

We offer highly specialized services to pro-actively managing both insurance run-off portfolios and “back books”. Assigesco is able, through its specialist run-off teams, to extract value from the claims portfolio and accelerating the relative disposal. We could reach, in agreement with the Customer, the key objectives for “run-off” insurance business disposal like:

  • releasing capital,
  • early finality,
  • managing claims volatility,
  • minimising expenses and claim payment,
  • recovering any possible cost
  • orderly run-off the portfolio.

Assigesco could handle the claims by its top- performer dedicated software which could also be personalized following the Customer specific requirements.

Assigesco provides partial or total outsourcing solutions to public administrations and private companies interested to entrust to a specialized external body the task to manage and settle claims in the context of the “retained risks” or excess claims (SIR – Self Insured Retention).

Reserves are provisions that reflect, in the balance sheet, the unresolved claims. They play a particularly important role in the Civil Liability insurance, in which claims instruction and settlement can require a long time. As a consequence, reserves must be constantly updated and determined with prudence and consolidated technical knowledge of risks thus safeguarding obligation; on these bases Assigesco carries out due diligence on behalf of Insurers and Reinsurers.

Assigesco carries out technical audits on claims samples, analysing the procedures of specific characteristics of individual contracts, providing the client with an audit report where the audit results are declined in detail.

Assirecre Consulting – being active for 15 years in this area and also in collaboration with specialist law firms – provides advice to organizations wishing to promote the establishment of Supplementary health funds, Health Care funds, Mutual institutions. Particular attention is given to the estimation of the “resources threshold” committed to the Italian “Sacconi Decree.”

Online sending of a claim notification or reserving a treatment at a nearby facility, being able to upgrade directly – through personal and confidential password – your personal or bank account information, at any time being able to view the status of your procedure (for patients) or examine the claims documentation (for the company, the Fund or the Broker) here are just some of the many features that Web Assirecre Group is able to provide to its customers.

Assirecre Consulting offers consulting services for the establishment of new funds and mutual institutios Mutual Benefit Associations, as well as a specific activity of risk analysis for new projects start-ups and the Interim Agreement.