The regulated progression of tax verifications, and in particular the communications to the Revenue Agency of the compensation payments made by the companies, have greatly reduced the phenomenon of “fraud risk”, thus enabling the Companies themselves to pursue reimbursement to their own clients, even when medical records and spending provided are not provided in its original format.

By request of the Client Companies, Assirecre has developed a new procedure that integrates the uploading of the required on-line repayment and which also allows electronic documents to be sent directly from the web portal, in conjunction with the use of fax transmission and traditional methods of sending them in paper versions.

The new features are fully integrated into the Web Portal with those already used by the Patient, and interconnect in a simple and intuitive way with existing processes.

The use of these features guarantees refunds to policyholders in a very short time, leading to a notable improvement of liquidation services

In fact, policyholders have the ability to compile their own requests for reimbursements online, directly uploading the documentation in electronic format, making the complete file available to the Liquidator for immediate assessment of the compensation due.