The Health Operations Centre is at the heart of providing assistance to clients. The specific selection and training of the operators at the Centre ensures a special emphasis on the Client in terms of availability, courtesy and ability to solve problems.


  • Front Office. Through the GREEN NUMBER (or BLACK NUMBER abroad), information about services is provided for:
    • Policy conditions (coverage provided, ceilings, uncovered areas, exclusions, etc.).
    • Facilities in the national and international direct Network.
    • Methods for accessing the health services of the Network and how to request reimbursement.
    • Verifications of file processing status.
  • Back Office. Manages the authorisation phase of the activation of the services in the agreement: takes charge of requests for pre-activation or reservation.
  • Liquidation team. Constant investments in training has allowed for the the creation of highly skilled working groups dedicated to managing individual clients. The presence of project leaders guarantees the uniformity and uniqueness in the methodology and criteria used the settlement, and provide a reliable reference point for the client.
  • Medical staff. Constant presence of medical staff for case management.
  • IT infrastructure. Software developed in-house specifically for care activities, easy to use and including maps, charts, diagrams, CRMs and the playback of phone calls.
  • IT security. Redundancy of each device, daily saving procedures, automatic switch to emergency system in case of failures.