consulenza-legaleUsing the data collected from more than 2.5 million claims handled over the course of 20 years of operations, Assirecre Group is able to support the highest level of service (including international classifications such as ICD9 – CM) for insurance companies, funds, reinsurers and brokers in the creation of rates and in predicting the final performance of coverage in process (estimates of IBNRsincurred but not reported claims).

Close attention is also dedicated to the monitoring and prediction not only of event frequencies (e.g. how many hospitalisations will occur in a given population characterised by a certain distribution of males/females and a given distribution of age groups) but also with “Mixes of use.”

This concept is fundamental to the technical performance of coverage in a country like Italy, where care is always accessible through Regional Health Services at no cost or very low cost compared to similar health care provided in the private sector. Different populations insured by automatic collective coverage shows the indexes of private use (more expensive for the company or the Fund) or public use (free or almost free) are very different, depending on the type of profession, geographical residence, and the presence or absence of overdrafts/deductibles lower or higher than the exact “critical levels.”
The same kind of evaluation may also explain the higher or lower use of the agreed sanitary circuit, with the economic effects that they imply.