Access To Facilitated Health

The Assirete Services Card can be used to access the best healthcare treatments without age limits and waiting times, taking advantage of discounts and reduced rates for specialist visits, diagnostics, laboratory analysis, physiotherapy and dental services. Over 10,000 services accessible throughout the national territory with simple procedures to use our network of agreements with 1,874 diagnostic centers, laboratories and clinics, 2,091 Dental Practices and 299 Hospitalization Facilities.

Services 24/7 and Domicile

The Operations Center, available 24 hours a day, can be used to obtain a first “triage” and, if necessary, further telephone-based advices and prescriptions for generic or specialized topics. It is also possible to book a medical/paediatric visit at home how to get a nurse, a physiotherapist as needed. We also organize health transfers, drugs/medicines delivery and telephone consultations.