Assigesco.110x80Assigesco Srl, certified for quality according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 (ISO 9001:2015 since 2018) for “Motor insurance , PI and Medical malpractice claims management“, has been operating on the market since 2005, and is a leader in the outsourcing industry claims damage Branches. It is characterized by its independence and autonomy, not being owned, directly nor indirectly, from insurance companies, as reinsurers or Brokers.

In these ten years of activity on the market Assigesco has handled over 30,000 liability claims; specializing in the Motor liability, Medical Malpractice and PI segments.

Since 2010 Assigesco has been managing professional liability claims of Notaries.

In 2014, Assigesco won the public tender for the management of claims of medical-malpractice in SIR of all Health Authorities of Umbria Region and since then it has been managing the claims by providing an active contribution also to the Risk Management activities.

Damage Area Services

How We Work

Assigesco has structured its technical organization in dedicated facilities with adjusters specialized in different fields and for different types of claims; the Management and the closest partners come from Insurance Companies and law firms specialized in the field.

The claims management activities of Assigesco on behalf of its Clients are characterized by the following key factors:

  • Dedicated, highly-specialized team in claims management.
  • Own IT System, installed on dedicated web systems, specifically geared to asset management.
  • Update assets / Ongoing reserves revision.
  • Relationship with Clients aimed at a better management of dossiers and the analysis of related issues.
  • Consulting and coaching activities, even through data analysis and creation of ad-hoc reports on claims management, aimed at a better understanding of the technical performance of the reference fund by public and private Clients.
  • Provision of qualified network of medical examiners / experts / lawyers.

The consolidated experience, the continuous observation and analysis of different management models designed and carefully monitored over time, the focus towards contributions to the improvement received by all actors in the process have enabled the Company to consolidate its expertise – unique on the market – in relation to the process of managing and settling claims in respect of civil liability, from the point of view of the technical expertise, the ability to relate with the insured parties /Clients, efficiency and effectiveness of the activities, on the one hand designed as waste and recycle production elimination and on the other as correctness of delivered outputs.

IT infrastructure

In recent years, Assigesco has developed several web information systems equipped to assist users at all stages of the process and ensure the monitoring of the activities in relation to the performance time of these and the quality of the inputs and outputs of the individual steps that make it up.

The web-based approach of the entire claims management and settlement service is provided by a number of dedicated Web portals, developed and tailored according to the customer’s needs, which represent a unique element in the national panorama of civil liability claims management services. The specific know-how developed and good-practices gained during the latest period of management have also led to continuous developments and implementations of the system, which have contributed to reach a full level of service and performance, having also demonstrated a total and certified reliability from a technical standpoint both in terms of availability of the service and in terms of the completion of all functions / procedures / utility provided as part of claims handling.

The WEB platform is driven by a workflow coordinating the entire process: a well-defined sequence of activities, controlled by a process of alerting that informs the adjuster of the imminent expiration of their activities. The application shares information among the participants involved, ensuring a synchronized management of activities.

The system also makes use of an Electronic documentation management, a system which is able to record the incoming documentation and related to each claim output, collecting information in an electronic file, offering its users a safe web access to documents of claims and IT management history.

The platform used is a next-generation 2.0 Web application, fully accessible from any device, allowing – as verified in the latest years – an actual reduction of paper material and the postal service, all through the centralization of information, besides ensuring the history of these related to the claim.

The availability of the main technological tools and services, such as Web Services, data flows and queues ensure the complete interfacing with external systems. The system is designed to manage the full cycle of the claim.