Accounting and Technical Reporting Services

The data and information managed during the regular course of business are stored in the technical claims management system and is used as an input into the Data Warehouse, the Business Intelligence system, an essential tool for the analysis of information and the production of statistical reports.

The Data Warehouse is a solution that allows the client to respond to the following requirements:

  1. Transformation of data into information
  2. Integration of non-uniform data sources
  3. High historical depth and Independence from source systems
  4. Data cleansing and certification of data at all levels.

For the purposes of demonstration, some of the main indicators are presented below:


  • Internal encoding of the health services provided
  • ICD9-CM Encoding

Analytical statistics relating to the technical performance of products

  • Classification of population
    • by age
    • by geographical distribution

Analytical statistics relating to the technical performance of products

  • Classification of healthcare providers
    • by type of health facilities

Analysis/comparison of average costs of benefits within the network and outside the network

Analysis/comparison of the costs and services for a modular classification of the network that allows our customers to select the price range in relation to the population managed

  • Periodic reports on damages

Analytical statistics on the performance of liquidations, by policy, by performance, and by compensation

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