For our Independence

“Independence” has a great value for the Assirecre Group and holds many meanings:

  • We are independent of any Companies, Reinsurers, Accounts, Funds, or brokers because no one party among our shareholder base has an economic interest in the conclusion of insurance contracts.
  • We are independent from suppliers, because in no way and in no case do the facilities and professionals affiliated with us incur costs directly or indirectly related to the existence and continuation of the collaboration relationship.
  • We are independent from external suppliers in the ICT field, because our use of a highly specialised internal development team allows us to full internalise and protect all liquidation processes and relevant sensitive data.

For our specialisation

Since 1991, the Assirecre Group has overseen the management of claims and after-sales services, taking advantage of the many years of experience of its highly qualified professionals, internally trained during sustained and continuous collaboration: over the years, this method of promoting internal resources has produced an extremely prepared team of doctors, lawyers, liquidators, experts and IT specialists.

The importance given to interpersonal relationships and the quality of people, inherent in our business culture, is a parameter fundamental for measuring the level of specialisation achieved over the years: an added value that makes us fully aware, beyond the technical, legal and organisational claims, of the sensitivity and importance of the protected property managed by the coverage. This is a solution for providing the quality of our work that we have used since 1991 in more than 2.5 million claims in the Health fields and, since 2005, in more than 200 million euros of value managed in the non-life field on behalf of some of the most important and prestigious Italian and foreign companies. A level of attention that drives us, year after year, to improve our standards of performance both in terms of response times as well as in the accuracy and correctness of liquidations: results made possible by the continuous learning from our own experiences to improve our processes, management software, the effectiveness of the performance of cost control, and the final cost at which we offer our services.

For our Certified Quality

All Assirecre Group companies have obtained the Quality Certification UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 as of May 2010. The certification, renewed by the DNV GL (Det Norske Veritas) an international certification group covering all management processes carried out by third parties for claims and information services, including:

  • Design of management software and web portals dedicated to customers and clients.
  • Management of prevention campaigns for specific groups of patients.
  • Management on behalf of third party claims and information services in health.
  • Creation and management of health facility networks agreed upon for the direct payment.
  • Organisation and management of health operations centres.
  • Organisation and management for verification, settlement and payment of medical expenses reimbursement practices, in direct and indirect form.
  • General liability claims management.
  • Professional liability claims management (Professional Indemnity).
  • Medical malpractice claims management.