ASSI.RE.CRE was firstly established in 1991. Since its creation, the company has been characterised by its specialisation and independence, since it is not owned, directly or indirectly, by companies, reinsurers, accounts, funds or Brokers. These features have increasingly allowed ASSI.RE.CRE to seek out important areas on the market: in its first years of activity, it obtained a portfolio of important clients, including major Insurance Companies, Funds and Support Funds from Italy and abroad.

In 2001 – after a decade of activity and continued growth – it became necessary to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the services offered through a more extensive use of information technology and the introduction of models of control and the planning of activities and of projects. These reasons gave birth to Assirecre Consulting, which began as a software development company employing programmers and analysts: the company then assumed the role of holding company for Assirecre Group. Assirecre Consulting specialises in the design and creation of claims management software created “ad hoc” for its customers, and in the creation of Web portals. These abilities were later complimented by others of a legal nature (the creation and management of health funds, Support Funds, Mutual Funds) and those of a statistical/actuarial nature (AS IF, estimated IBNR, etc.) and Risk Management.

Two years later, in 2003, Assirete was established, specialising in the development and management of a network of concessions with facilities and health centres throughout the country. Thanks to the experience gained in previous years by two related companies, Assirete was able to create a competitive end-to-end event system for disease management in a short time: from providing information on coverage to the verification of the rates applied, the medical control of the services provided, information on the state of the practice and the management of payments. The agreed Network was progressively extended from simply providing hospitalisation facilities in Italy to diagnostic centres and specialised “out-patient” treatment.

In 2005, thanks to the experience gained in the health area and also driven by the the specific needs of some customers, the company Assigesco was formed, a company dedicated to the management of the claims in the non-life area. Over the following years, Assigesco was able to establish itself as a consolidated company in the outsourcing of non-life claims management, processing the management of over 30,000 claims from its creation to today with a value of over €200 million and specialising in the segment of health and Professional liability.

In 2013, the group decided to adopt a special company to manage the dental care network, previously operated in partnership with Day Medical (solely for indirect management): it was the year of the creation of Assident, which specialises in the management of agreements either directly in clinics or at dental offices.

2014 was the year of the merger which created the current structure of the Assirecre Group: at that time, taking effect on 1 January 2015, Assirete and Assident incorporated Assirecre Srl which changed its name to Assirete Srl. As of January 2015, Assirete performs all operations related to the management of health policies, and presides over the network of coverage agreements, including the dental network.


The Mission

To create value for our customers, through the continuous improvement of the quality of the services offered to our customers and their patients for the utmost attention to the needs of all stakeholders involved.