Active on the market since 1991, the Assirecre Group is Italy’s leader in the management of insurance services in the Disease Area, and the management, negotiation and definition of the claims in the Non-life Area. In addition to the proven reliability of the services it offers, the group is characterised by its independence from other actors within the insurance industry, not involved either directly or indirectly with companies, reinsurers, Accounts, Funds and Brokers.

In an area as delicate and important as the protection of people’s health, the companies of the Assirecre Group – which since May 2010 have held the Quality Certificate UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 – have consolidated their own position over time, thanks to their outstanding quality of service, capable of generating added value for customers.



Based on the experience it has gained in over twenty years of activity, Assirete Srl provides its customers with claims management services and the reimbursement of the medical expenses required for proper and optimal use of coverage by policyholders.

The costs incurred in connection with illness and/or injury are managed according to the conditions of coverage; claims are settled promptly and within a pre-agreed time limit, in compliance with all legal regulations regarding privacy, taxation, and those requested by the IVASS.

The company – which since May 2010 has held the Quality Certification UNI EN ISO 9001 – has consolidated its own position over time, thanks to a high, demonstrable quality of the service it provides, capable of generating real added value for customers.

Currently, Assirete offers the following services:

  • A dedicated health operations desk managed by skilled and competent professionals, with response times consistent with the service level agreements and the possibility of monitoring and playback of calls, including remotely;
  • Management and payments of reimbursements of medical expenses according to service level agreements (SLAs) contracted with the customer.
  • Implementation and management of Web portals dedicated to patients, for optimising the processes and the acceleration of the procedures for reimbursement, including in using paperless methods;
  • Management of direct assistance, and direct reimbursement, through the use of an agreement with a worldwide affiliated Healthcare Network.
    Control of direct health care costs through specific agreements with medical centres and individual professionals;
  • Timely assessments of disease claims through the application of “Case Management” procedures, varying in terms of the complexity of the claim;
  • Production and delivery to the client – within the pre-agreed time periods – of all the information relating to the claims managed “to be refunded”;
  • Technical accounting reports with analyses of technical trends, predictive analyses, analyses of the use of coverage of “Public/Private mixture” and “As if”;

The services offered by Assirete are supported by a large network of facilities and affiliated medical centres in Italy and abroad to manage the payment of health services for direct assistance. The agreements cover all areas of care: recovery, high-level diagnoses, examinations and assessments, visits from specialists and dental care.


Active within its markets since 2005, Assigesco Srl is the market leader in the outsourcing industry of Non-Life Claims and is characterised by its independence and autonomy, as it is not owned, directly or indirectly, by any Insurance Companies, Reinsurers, or Brokers.

Over its ten years of activity on the market, Assigesco has managed over 30,000 liability claims; particularly over the last three years it has been engaged in the management, treatment and definition of claims of general liability, professional liability and medical malpractice.

The organisational structure of Assigesco is divided into a series of dedicated structures with liquidators specialised in different segments and for different types of claims; the group’s Management and its closest associates come from Insurance Companies and Law Firms specialised in the field.

The claims management activities of Assigesco on behalf of its Clients are characterised by the following strengths:

  • A dedicated and highly specialised team for claims management.
  • A proprietary IT management system installed on dedicated web systems specifically geared toward managing the company’s core activities;
  • Continuous activities of Updating/Revision of reserves.
  • Client Relationships intended to optimise management practices and the analysis of related issues, including through the use of regular participation of resources unique to the Committees of Claims Evaluation.
  • Activities related to counselling and support, including through data analysis and creation of ad-hoc reports on claims management, aimed at a better understanding by the public and private Clients of the technical performance of the reference sector.
  • Provision of a qualified network of medical examiners/experts/lawyers.

The consolidated experience, the continuous observation and analysis of different management models that have been devised and carefully monitored over time and the attention paid to the contributions to the improvement received by all participants in the process have enabled the Company to consolidate its expertise – unique to its market – in relation to the process of managing and settling claims with respect to civil liability, from the point of view of technical competence, the ability to relate with policyholders, the efficiency and effectiveness of its activities performed, designed both for the purposes of the elimination of waste and for the recycling production, as well as for the suitability of the results delivered.




Assirecre Consulting Srl was founded in 2001 with the goal of providing consulting and risk management services to the industry (companies, health funds, Customer Accounts, brokers, mutual associations) as well as for new presences on the market (new Funds or Accounts, distributors, insurers with no specific experience in the “health” field).

In 2006, Assirecre Consulting assumed the role of “Service Holding Company” of the Group, in addition providing management and organisational consulting services, IT consulting, and business development and marketing strategies, to the to the directing and coordinating company Assirete Srl and Assigesco Srl. The services provided include: